AW Series: Push-Button Style.

Lightning Pick pick-to-light system built for manufacturing facilities.

Pick-to-light hardware for manufacturers.

From furniture manufacturers assembling parts kits at a single workstation, to large automakers with global deployments, Build2Light™ systems utilizing the AW Series of push-button-style, light-directed picking devices are ideal for production environments. They provide both solid pick-to-light system performance, and easy system modification.

Lightning Pick's Build2Light AW-Series Pick-to-Light Module

The Build2Light Advantage.

Both the push-button and hands-free task confirmation AW models were specifically engineered for production applications. They feature a durable design that’s been tested and proven across hundreds of discrete manufacturing applications worldwide. AW lights can be depended on to illuminate job after job.

Lightning Pick's Build2Light AW-Series Button Pick-to-Light Module

Key Features and Options.

AW push-button devices are offered with no quantity displays, three-digit quantity displays, and a multi-color LED option that enables the devices to illuminate in seven different colors (white, red, green, blue, orange, purple and turquoise). Users can mix and match models to best fit their unique process requirements.

Metal encased pick-to-light module for high impact environments

Easy Installation and Modification.

The AW Series utilizes non-polar AI cable instead of a duct-based mount. This allows the devices to be mounted directly to curved profile tube and pipe rack or to flat surfaces for easy, fast installation. This versatile mounting feature makes the AW modules ideal for operations that frequently reconfigure or expand their Build2Light applications.

► AW Button Style Models


  • No quantity display, good for areas where there is always a single pick or to signal/start other activities in the process.
  • Seven color LED options (white, red, green, blue, orange, purple and turquoise).
  • Mounts on flat shelf faces with brackets, or pipe racks with clamps.
  • Size: 4″L x 1.375″H x 1.25″D


  • Three-digit numeric display for parts unit quantities.
  • Seven color LED options (white, red, green, blue, orange, purple and turquoise).
  • Mounts on flat shelf faces with brackets, or pipe racks with clamps.
  • Size: 6″L x 1.375″H x 1.25″D
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