Light-Directed Picking Module Options.

Multiple device choices, one proven platform.

Build2Light™ systems can be built from a choice of three different families of advanced, light-directed pick-to-light device modules. All three series operate on Lightning Pick’s proven system architecture. As such, all of the devices are completely interoperable, letting you combine the right mix of hardware to best fit your unique process requirements.

Lightning Pick’s flagship LP Pick pick-to-light solution is the most flexible and powerful light-directed picking technology available. Today, Lightning Pick is the number one installed pick-to-light system in North America, leading the industry in both new installations and retrofits of legacy systems.

AW Series

This series is specifically engineered to boost light-directed manufacturing quality. The devices mount to a highly flexible AI cable that fits both flat and curved surfaces. There are are two model lines in this series: AW Hands-Free Style which offers totally touchless task confirmation options, and AW Button Style which provides push-button activity verification.

JW Series

The groundbreaking JW Series frees legacy pick-to-light and build-to-light users from the time and cost associated with the previous hardware generation’s interconnected cable design. With a track-light style duct- (or bus-) based system, JW modules easily and cost efficiently adhere to existing, flat-faced storage media surfaces.

SW Series

These compact pick-to-light devices enable light-directed, poka-yoke style parts picking, assembly or similar operations in dense work areas, or in applications with multiple, small-sized parts bins. SW Series modules mount easily on a duct-based system (similar to JW lights). However, the smaller SW devices utilize duct systems that readily mount to both flat and curved surfaces.

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