Build2Light's Robust Features Support Your Application.

Pick-to-light lean manufacturing system with no touch complete

Unparalleled system features and options.

The Build2Light™ solution offers a depth of experience and top product configuration options that allow you to custom-build your perfect system.

Pick-to-Light for lean manufacturing cells.

Product Overview.

Solution development and system package profile.

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Pick-to-Light lean sub-assembly cable harness application.


A multitude of uses for the light-directed picking method.

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Pick-by-light application on tubular rack.

Special Features.

A wealth of configuration options to match your specific process.

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Build2Light multicolored pick-to-light devices.


Get fast, sustained gains from your Build2Light implementation.

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The Number One Selling Pick-to-Light Product in a Box.

Build2Light features the same best-in-class hardware and engineering that has made Lightning Pick products the top light-directed technology installed by hundreds of leading distributors and manufacturers, including:

  • Variety of hardware options.
  • Support for push-button or hands-free pick confirmation.
  • Mounts on flat shelving or curved surfaces (such as tube or pipe rack).
  • All modules run on a proven industrial hardware network.
  • Enabling software lets users to create their bill of materials (BOMs) or recipes.

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