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Pick-to-Light for parts picking case study: Raynor Garage Doors

Residential & Commercial Garage Doors and Openers

► Raynor Garage Doors

The Dixon, Illinois-based company faced an important challenge in their distribution center: how to consolidate 12 parts picking lines into one, while also increasing fulfillment performance and accuracy? Some other automated picking applications (like carousels) were considered, but in the end Raynor selected a pick-to-pight system to meet their unique requirements.

Pick-to-Light growing usage in production environments for lean parts picking, kitting, sub-assembly and assembly.

The Growing Adoption Rate of Pick-to-Light Systems in Manufacturing Applications

► Lighting Up the Lean Supply Chain

Modern Materials Handling magazine conducted a survey on behalf of Lightning Pick Technologies, a provider of parts and order picking, kitting and sequencing solutions, to examine how supply chain manufacturing operations are adopting and optimizing order fulfillment technologies to increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Respondents to the study are top materials handling professionals and are predominantly warehouse, distribution, or logistics management, plant management, and plant or lean manufacturing engineers.

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