Build2Light Product Overview

Build2Light RF scanner for launching pick-to-light sequence

Lighting up Lean manufacturing.

Lightning Pick’s Build2Light™ system reduces errors within critical procedures, such as parts picking, kitting, assembly and sequencing. Lights mounted on workstations, bin shelving or other storage media direct operators to the correct parts, quantities and sequences. This allows them to execute their task with greater accuracy than paper-based picking methods.

Pick-to-light for small parts picking and lean material handling.

Pick-to-Light Across the Supply Chain.

For many years, retailers and direct-to-consumer businesses have used pick-to-light (or pick-by-light) technology in their distribution centers for picking finished goods with greater efficiency. Internet shopping’s popularity has pushed even greater demand for smaller, unique customer orders shipped right, and shipped right now.

Today, a high number of build-to-order manufacturers are discovering the advantages of applying pick-to-light to the production side of the supply chain. These operations seek higher quality material handling processes, especially when asked to make slight variations and customizations to otherwise standard products.

The Evolution of Build2Light.

Lightning Pick recognized that some manufacturers had very similar system necessities to their counterparts in order fulfillment. These include a relatively high number of light devices for product/parts locations, and full integration between the Lightning Pick software and their manufacturing execution system (MES), manufacturing resource planning (MRP), enterprise resource planning (ERP) or similar host system. These could be capably satisfied using the LP Pick system.

In other situations, however, the initial applications were smaller — making a standalone application preferable. These manufacturers wanted a turnkey product package to avoid deep development time and costs, and have the internal resources to self-sufficiently execute basic product installation and configuration. Hence, the Build2Light package was born.

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Small parts bin picking application with pick-to-light for lean manufacturing.

Introducing Build2Light.

Build2Light is a total pick-to-light package specifically engineered for manufacturing applications. The product offers the same best-in-class Lightning Pick hardware options and platform used in hundreds of larger scale distribution and production installations worldwide. Users can easily create bill of materials (BOMs), recipes, jobs or orders, then self-sufficiently configure their optimal light-directed processes with the included software.

Pick-by-light assembly light module drawing.

Special Features

  • Increased quality.
  • Reduced defects and errors.
  • Minimized rework.
  • Eliminated waste.
  • Reduced employee training time.
  • Ease of prototyping.
  • Best operational practices.
  • Decreased operational costs.

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